What are YOUR next sporty goals? Together as a TEAM we will achieve your fitness goals.

We run, we swim, we hike, we ski, and we train at the gym or outdoors in the nature.


– Aerobics

– Aqua Gym

– Abs & Back

– Bodystyling

– Boot camp

– Nordic Walking

– Pilates

– Spinning

Once we have discovered your priorities and your body’s challenges you will receive a TRAINING PROGRAM designed for your fitness level and objectives. A lot of you will be looking to improve your shape, others focus more on a better physical condition. If you are training for a special event like a half-marathon or an Ironman you will receive a day-by-day training program to accomplish your challenge and reach the goal happy and healthy.

With the outdoor classes you will enjoy powerful exercises and having the chance to meet future sport buddies at the same time.

Its also possible to book lessons via Skype: we usually do body weight exercises, in case you have a Swiss Ball, a Pilates Redondo ball, some weights or a Theraband we can include the equipment for the class.

There is always something new to explore from the 650 muscles we have in our body!